French-speaking and German-speaking Commission

Since 2007, the Belgian French-speaking and German-speaking Commission for UNESCO has gathered experts appointed by the Walloon Region, French and German-speaking communities and the French Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region and civil society representatives.

The Commission wished to entrust the examination and processing of applications it received to themed sub-groups (‘Education’, ‘Culture and Heritage’, ‘Communication and Information’, ‘Social and Human Sciences’ and ‘Natural Sciences’) and only retain a right to decide and guide the works of the different sub-groups, as well as the prerogative to formulate responses to the organisation’s major agenda documents.

Note that the chairmanship of these themed sub-groups was intentionally entrusted to civil society representatives and their open membership was left to the free discretion of the Chairs. Its members therefore sit on a voluntary and consensual basis (co-optation system).

The Commission’s priorities and activities are reviewed each year, taking into account the proposals and initiatives of its sub-commissions, as well according to current events.

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